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Raising Unemployment for American Workers Act Response

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Americans For Prosperity Statement“Because nearly half of all current minimum wage earners are under 25 years old, further increasing the minimum wage will make it even more difficult for those at the beginning of their careers to get their foot in the door.”

Club for Growth Statement – “When the federal government mandates wage increases on businesses, many employers will make employment cuts, resulting in even more Americans becoming dependent upon the federal government.”

FreedomWorks Statement “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.1 percent of hourly workers earn the federal minimum wage, with 47.1 percent of those being between the ages of 16 and 24. Generally, these are young and low-skill individuals who need to develop job skills while in high school or college before a career. The Raise the Wage Act would put in place a significant barrier for these young and low-skill individuals who are seeking to enter the workforce.”

National Federation of Independent Businesses Statement “NFIB’s own Research Center estimates this legislation will cost the economy 1.6 million jobs, reduce real GDP by over $980 billion, and reduce economic output by more than $2 trillion by 2029.2 The negative effects of the proposed legislation will fall disproportionately on small employers and their workers as businesses with fewer than 500 employees will account for 57 percent of job losses (over 900,000 lost jobs) and businesses with fewer than 100 employees will account for 43 percent of job losses (nearly 700,000 jobs).”

U.S. Chamber of Commerce – “the Raise the Wage Act includes other provisions about which the Chamber has serious concerns, such as indexing the minimum wage to inflation and eliminating the credit for tipped employees. The latter proposal would likely reduce take home pay for many tipped employees”

Americans For Tax Reform Statement “In contrast, empirical evidence from the states and most studies have shown that increasing the minimum wage only hurts the lowest-wage earners.”

Competitive Enterprise Institute Statement “Alleviating poverty and raising the standard of living for all Americans is a laudable effort, but study and experience have shown that government-mandated minimum wages are inferior to market-determined wages and cause more harm than good. … The findings show the importance of early work experience, which a $15 minimum wage would stunt”

National Association of Manufacturers Statement“H.R. 582 creates new economic headwinds for manufacturers—ignoring the sector’s investments in skills training, competitive compensation, and generous benefits—all at the expense of millions of American workers.”

International Franchise Association Statement “ Due to the doubling of the current federal minimum wage under H.R. 582 and the subsequent significant job loss among low wage workers predicted by the CBO, franchise owners will bear the brunt of these job losses as states and localities react to federal efforts and implement additional policies.”

National Council of Chain Restaurants Statement “NCCR believes that such a drastic increase in the federal minimum wage to $15 would have far-reaching economic impacts, particularly in lower cost of living areas of the country and for young workers.”

National Grocers Association Statement “NGA believes a $15 minimum wage creates an unlevel playing field between large and small businesses.”

National Retail Federation Statement “Such a large increase in the federal minimum wage to $15 would have far-reaching economic impacts, particularly in lower cost of living areas of the country.”

National Taxpayers Union Statement “H.R. 582 fails to account for the difference in purchasing power among the states. A top-down “one size fits all” approach would disproportionately impact mom and pop shops in rural and suburban areas of the country due to their less expensive cost of living.”

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Statement “Credible studies from sources all over the political spectrum find the same bottom line: a $15/hour mandated wage will cost millions of jobs and shred the incomes of lower- and middle-class Americans.”

Other Reports on H.R. 582, the Raise the Wage Act:

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