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Congressman Lloyd Smucker

Representing the 16th District of Pennsylvania


Fiscal Year 18 Budget Resolution

Courtesy of the House Budget Committee

Balancing the Budget

The resolution draws a path toward a balanced budget within 10 years, without raising taxes, and places the government on a fiscal course sustainable for the long term. The national debt is already an impediment to greater prosperity and a threat to the security of future generations. This committee’s budget significantly reduces spending and reforms government programs to put us on a sustainable spending path.

Promoting Economic Growth

For the past eight years, government has been a hindrance to economic growth. This budget urges reversing this trend with a combination of pro-growth policies, including deficit reduction, spending restraint, comprehensive tax reform, welfare reform, Obamacare repeal-and-replace legislation, and regulatory reform. All can promote more robust growth over the longer term.

Ensuring a Strong National Defense

Defending America’s security is the highest priority of the Federal Government. To that end, this budget supports robust funding for troop training, equipment, compensation, and improved readiness.

Improving the Sustainability of Medicare

Notwithstanding Medicare’s popularity, there are far better ways to achieve the program’s worthy goals. Retirees should be able to choose the coverage plan best suited to their particular needs, rather than accept a set of benefits dictated by Washington. The program should ensure doctors and patients make health care decisions for themselves, and promote competition among insurers to expand choices of coverage and restrain costs. Reforms such as these will have the added benefit of improving Medicare’s long-term financial condition, ensuring it will be there for future generations.

Restoring the Proper Role of State and Local Governments

The resolution encourages the innovation and creativity of State and local governments. It calls for returning significant authority to the States, which possess not only the ability but also the will to reform and modernize programs that serve their citizens. The laboratories of democracy, not the Federal Government, are where these reforms should happen.

Reforming Government Programs While Improving Accountability

Every tax dollar collected by the Federal Government was generated by private-sector economic activity. Responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars is a fundamental component of the budget resolution. At every opportunity possible, the budget reforms government programs and improves accountability to while generating better outcomes for Americans.

Smucker Statement on FY18 Budget Resolution

“For too long, Congress has been governing from one funding crisis to the next. I was sent to Congress not to prop up the failed status quo, but to help end it. The budget we unveiled today, Building A Better America, does just that, and will put us on a path towards regular order and fiscal sanity. It will grow our economy, create more opportunity for working families, and reignite the American Dream.

“Our plan balances the budget in 10 years, controls federal spending, strengthens and secures Medicare, and supports robust funding for our troops to keep our homeland safe. Importantly, this plan also provides instructions for necessary fundamental tax reform that will reduce rates, simplify the code, and create jobs. It also uses reconciliation to address mandatory spending, which hasn’t been done in more than a decade. I want to commend Chairman Diane Black for her work on this budget that will bring greater accountability and responsibility to the way we govern.”

Budget Committee Chairman Diane Black:

“Rep. Smucker has spent decades in the private sector running a successful business, creating jobs, and meeting a payroll. His experience has been invaluable to our work on the Budget Committee as we advance this budget that will grow our economy and restore fiscal responsibility.”

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