Smucker Votes Against The Democrats’ Dangerous Attempts To Repeal The AUMF

January 30, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Lloyd Smucker (PA-11) voted today against the House Democrats’ dangerous attempts to tie the hands of the Commander -in-Chief by repealing the Authorization for Use of Military Force.

“At a time when Congress should be projecting unity in the face of Iranian aggression, House Democrats have advanced a dangerous resolution that ultimately will accomplish nothing but division. By taking legal and necessary options off the table for the executive branch, this amendment emboldens our enemies and makes our nation less safe.” Smucker Says

“While Congress should have a debate regarding our mission in the Middle East, completely repealing the existing AUMF is dangerous. A President’s ability to act swiftly and decisively in response to imminent threats is critical for our continued national security. Under the current AUMF, previously approved by Congress, the President has the authority to take preemptive action to defend the national security of the United States against threats to American lives. This resolution essentially disarms the President’s ability to address militarily increasing threats from Iranian-backed, designated terrorist organizations in Iraq. These threats are not hypothetical. Only a few days ago on January 26, 2020 terrorists launched rockets at the U.S Embassy in Baghdad. Now is the time to rally behind our troops in the face of Iran’s aggression.

“The safety and security of the American people at home and abroad should be the central focus of our foreign policy. I strongly oppose this legislation, it’s dangerous, unconstitutional, and ties the hands of Commander-in-Chief.”