Smucker Opposes Socialist $3.5 Trillion Socialist Bernie Budget

August 24, 2021
Press Release

Washington, DC – Rep. Lloyd Smucker released the following statement after voting against H.Res.601, which included language to enact a $3.5 trillion socialist budget:

“President Joe Biden’s, Senator Bernie Sanders’ and Speaker Pelosi’s socialist $3.5 trillion ‘budget’ is an insult to the American taxpayer. The radical, left-wing Democrat Party is on the brink of massively and permanently increasing the size and scope of the federal government and Americans’ dependency on big government. Their plan to spend $68 trillion over the next ten years threatens the freedoms and opportunities we all enjoy today; continuing on this destructive path will bankrupt future generations. The Democrat budget will raise taxes on middle-class Americans and small businesses, and every American will see higher bills at the grocery store and at the gas pump. This legislation will irresponsibly plunge our nation $17 trillion further into debt and further increase inflation which is already squeezing hardworking Americans’ budgets. This reckless fiscal policy must come to an end.

“H.Res.601 also makes a mockery of Congress and is the result of midnight backroom deals in which Pelosi strongarmed Democrats who know the bill is bad for all Americans. Normally the ‘rule bill’ is uncontroversial and simply a procedural vote that determines the structure of debate of and amendments to the bill. Unfortunately, today’s rule also included the underlying budget resolution and “deemed” it as passed by the House with the passage of the rule. This sham of a process denies both sides the opportunity to debate the merits of the budget resolution as a stand-alone measure and is the worst example of an entirely broken process. As a member of the Budget Committee, I’m deeply frustrated that the budget did not receive a stand-alone vote on the House floor. While ramming through this ‘rule bill’ Pelosi further degrades the deliberative legislative process of the House by holding the infrastructure bill hostage until her entire caucus votes for their socialist budget. We cannot afford the Democrats’ partisan gimmicks as our nation plunges further and further into debt” said Rep. Smucker.