Smucker Opposes Reckless Spending Bill

July 24, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC —Today, Rep. Lloyd Smucker (PA-11) voted against the House Democrats’ first package of fiscal year 2021 appropriations, H.R. 7608. The legislation contained four of the twelve annual appropriations bills. H.R. 7608 included funding for State and Foreign Operations, Agriculture, Rural Development and Food and Drug Administration, Interior and Environment, and Military Construction and Veterans Affairs.

Smucker released this statement following the vote:

“This legislation is simply bad policy. It spends nearly $40 billion more than the budget caps under the Bipartisan Budget Act, which was signed into law last year, through gimmicks deeming certain expenditures “emergency” in nature. The bill prohibits funds for being used to secure our southern border, allows federal funds to be used to fund abortions, and rolls back the progress President Trump and his administration have made to provide regulatory relief,” said Smucker.

“Congress’s budgeting and appropriations process can be described as dysfunctional at best and the process in this House of Representatives under Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s leadership is even worse. The majority party has abandoned the budget resolution, the first step of the process which puts in place spending limits, and instead has chosen to exacerbate Washington’s out of control spending problem. This process is an unserious effort that shows House Democrats care more about scoring political points than advancing sound policy. I have consistently called for real reforms to the way Congress spends Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars. The American people deserve better than what Congress has given them by continuing to spend more and more every year.”