Rep. Smucker Ways & Means Committee Mark-up Recap: “The American Dream is at Stake”

September 21, 2021
Press Release

Washington, DC – Over the past two weeks, Rep. Lloyd Smucker (PA-11) participated in the Ways & Means Committee mark-up of the $3.5 trillion socialist spending spree, including trillions of dollars of tax hikes on the middle-class and small businesses.

Day One: “The American Dream is at Stake”

Rep. Smucker during Ways and Means hearing

During the opening day of the mark-up, Rep. Smucker underscored the long-term implications of the Democrats’ massive expansion of the federal government via their cradle-to-grave intrusion into Americans’ lives.

Smucker said: “We believe in free enterprise. We believe that if you work hard, you can get ahead. We don’t rely on the government to provide for us. This bill fundamentally alters that equation…This bill is not about revitalizing the greatest economy in our nation’s history, it is about setting a course for socialism, for dependency, and consolidation of power in Washington, D.C…I believe the very American Dream that we have all lived is at stake as a result of this bill and of the policies of this administration.”  

Smucker offers “Strengthening our Workforce Amendment”

Smucker offered a commonsense amendment to tie the Democrats paid-leave proposal to employment. Unbelievably, their scheme would make paid leave available to those who don’t even have a job. Smucker’s amendment would require individuals to be employed in the last 30 days to be eligible and have an earnings history in at least four of the last five quarters. Democrats on the committee rejected the amendment. Click here to watch Rep. Smucker’s comments on the amendment.

Day Two: Smucker Offers “Truth for American Seniors Amendment”

Rep. Smucker during Ways and Means hearing

Rep. Smucker, on behalf of himself, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) and Tom Reed (R-NY), offered the “Truth for American Seniors Amendment” to ensure the cover-ups of nursing home deaths conducted by state officials like disgraced New York Democrat and then Gov. Andrew Cuomo never happen again by prioritizing seniors’ safety and ensure state accountability during the continuing pandemic.

Speaking on the amendment, Smucker said: “Thousands of families in Pennsylvania and across the nation lost loved ones in nursing homes… Our constituents deserve answers, and at the very least, accurate reporting… Our amendment simply instructs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to certify to Congress that the number of deaths of residents in skilled nursing facilities match the publicly reported number in each state.” While two Democrats were willing to vote for the amendment, the Democratic majority of the committee still voted it down. Click here to watch consideration of Smucker’s amendment.

Day Three: Fighting Democrats Reckless Tax Hikes

Rep. Smucker during Ways and Means hearing

Smucker offered an amendment to delay the effective date of the massive tax hikes proposed until the U.S. unemployment rate falls to the pre-pandemic unemployment rate. Smucker said: “Study after study confirms that the Democrats multi-trillion-dollar tax hike leaves workers, retirees, and our fiscal budget in economic ruin.” Click here to read a Daily Caller write-up on Smucker’s amendment, which was defeated by committee Democrats.

Smucker also spoke out against Democrats’ efforts to provide significant tax subsidies to wealthy individuals purchasing electric vehicles, which contribute nothing to maintenance of the roads they drive on. Electric vehicles are almost exclusively purchased by individuals making over $100,000 per year. In his comments, Smucker asked: “Why don’t House Democrats put their money where their mouth is?” and support his USER FEE Act, to impose a per-mile fee on electric vehicles to contribute to the Highway Trust Fund. Learn more about Smucker’s USER Fee Act.

Day 4 – “House Democrats are Putting the Cart Before the Horse”

Rep. Smucker during Ways and Means hearing

In remarks on the final day of the mark-up, Smucker noted that House Democrats are “putting the cart before the horse.” Smucker reminded his colleagues that it is the free enterprise system that creates opportunities for individuals to live their American Dream, not the government. “We are fortunate enough to live in a country that provides a safety net for people who cannot take care of themselves. And I will always support that, but we expect people who can provide for themselves to do so, and they can only do so if we have an economy that is creating jobs.” Listen to Rep. Smucker’s remarks.

Additionally, Smucker offered the “American Taxpayer Before Union Executives and Lobbyists” amendment to eliminate a new tax deduction for union member dues. This new union subsidy was included in the base bill by Democrats to protect their union friends who are their biggest political supporters. Listen to Rep. Smucker’s comments on the amendment here.

Smucker voted against the legislation on final passage. In a true absence of leadership, it is not clear from Speaker Pelosi exactly what the next steps for the bill are.

Rep. Lloyd Smucker represents Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District including Lancaster County and portions of southern York County. He serves on the Ways & Means Committee and the Budget Committee.

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