Rep. Smucker Supports COVID-19 Relief, Continued Funding Legislation

December 21, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC — Rep. Lloyd Smucker voted in favor of H.R. 133 which provides additional relief to families and small businesses and continues to fund government operations through September 30, 2021. The legislation passed with strong bipartisan support. Smucker issued this statement following the vote:

“I’m thankful that at long last, Congress has advanced bipartisan legislation to provide additional support to families and small businesses. The reauthorization of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) will provide much needed and targeted aid to small businesses who are struggling. I have been personally advocating to allow for a second round of PPP for small businesses with the greatest need, in addition to calling for a fix to ensure expenses paid with forgiven loans remain tax deductible; I am proud to see both provisions included. I was also encouraged to see dedicated support for the live events industry included in this package.  The PPP has already helped thousands of small businesses across Pennsylvania’s 11th District support approximately 100,000 jobs and I am thankful this legislation will continue to allow this program to deliver for our small business community.

The legislation also includes further financial assistance which will be swiftly delivered to families. Additional aid to those unemployed through no fault of their own will be temporarily extended into the new year. Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor & Industry must ensure those payments are made timely and any attempts of fraud are swiftly investigated and brought to justice. The legislation also provides aid to support safely reopening our schools, funding to aid in the distribution of vaccines, and makes additional investment in rural broadband so that those who need to continue learning remotely can do so. 

Importantly, the cost of this stimulus legislation has been offset by repurposing unused funds appropriated by the CARES Act. This legislation only spends approximately $325 billion in new funds, compared to the multi-trillion-dollar packages advanced by Speaker Pelosi earlier this year. This targeted legislation is a win for taxpayers. 

The government funding bill includes a critical fix to our local transportation economy. The Transportation Appropriations bill includes my amendment that strips language unfairly targeting Lancaster Airport’s participation in the Essential Air Service program. Prior to this bill’s enactment, the Lancaster Airport was the only airport in the continental United States in which a payment from the local community was a mandatory condition of participation in this federal program. Eliminating this requirement means that tourists and customers from different parts of the country can continue to affordably travel by air to support our local economy,” said Smucker.