Smucker Opposes H.R. 8015

August 22, 2020
Press Release

Washington, DC- Today, Rep. Lloyd Smucker (PA-11) voted against H.R. 8015 the Delivering for America Act.

Smucker released this statement following the vote:

“Today, I voted against H.R. 8015. The simple fact of the matter is Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have created hysteria by manufacturing trumped up charges about the status of the United States Postal Service to create doubt about its ability to process election mail. This bill is short-sighted, misguided and unnecessary and the allegations from some of my colleagues across the aisle are untruthful.

The USPS handles several hundred million pieces of mail each day and processed over 146 billion pieces of mail last year alone. The suggestion that the USPS would not be able to process additional election mail is simply ludicrous. Even if all of the approximately 150 million registered voters cast their votes by the mail, this volume is less than six percent of the mail USPS delivers each week. That new traffic would not eclipse what the USPS processes on a daily basis and, in his testimony before the U.S. Senate, Postmaster General DeJoy assured Congress that the USPS stands ready to ensure all election mail is delivered on time,” said Smucker.

“The USPS has available the cash liquidity to continue operations into August 2021. As part of the CARES Act, an additional $10 billion has already been made available to the USPS. This legislation would not solve any of the long-term business issues facing the post office, but merely attempts to throw money at the problem. It has not been made clear how the proposed additional funds would be spent.

After years of declining mail volumes and substantial annual financial losses it is clear that the USPS must undergo substantial reforms in order to preserve its services and meet its long-term financial obligations. This legislation lacks any reforms and does not help the USPS respond to those challenges. This is nothing more than a misguided messaging bill which creates unnecessary and unfounded doubt about the integrity of the upcoming election.”