Congressman Lloyd Smucker joins Representative Dan Bishop (R-NC), Ted Budd (R-NC), and Bruce Westermann (R-AR) in introducing the Increasing Health Coverage through HRAs Act.

November 21, 2019
Press Release

Washington, D.C. - Today, Representative Dan Bishop (R-NC) introduced the Increasing Health Coverage through HRAs Act with Representatives Ted Budd (R-NC), Bruce Westerman (R-AR) and Lloyd Smucker (R-PA). The legislation would give the administration’s Health Reimbursement Arrangements rule, finalized earlier this year, the full force and effect of law. The policy allows employees to use HRAs offered by their employers to purchase individual health insurance. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of employers will offer this type of coverage to their employees and that the number of Americans with health insurance will increase by 800,000. The rule contains strong protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions by requiring that workers within each class of employment be offered the same coverage regardless of health status.

“I am committed to promoting common-sense policies that increase access to health coverage and lower costs for all North Carolinians. Allowing Health Reimbursement Arrangements to be used for the purchase of individual market coverage will increase the number of Americans with health insurance while lowering costs and creating more choices for millions of people. That is why I am proud to introduce legislation today to give the administration’s proposed rule the full force and effect of law. I am thrilled to partner with Representatives Budd, Westermann and Smucker in this effort.”-Representative Dan Bishop

“This legislation takes an important step forward in reversing the damage caused by Obamacare, which has become unaffordable for more and more Americans. In contrast to Obamacare’s rigid and costly regulations have limited health care choices, HRAs increase health care choices for more Americans. In fact, the Department of Health and Human Services has said that within the next five years, the new HRA rule could incentivize as many as 800,000 businesses to provide health reimbursement accounts to their employees which would offer health care coverage to more than 11 million workers.  It’s time for Congress to make the Trump Administration’s HRA rule permanent because all citizens of our great country deserve affordable health insurance options that are free from Obamacare’s regulations.” – Representative Ted Budd

“Every American should have the ability to choose what health care solutions best fit their needs. By expanding the eligible uses of HRAs, this legislation is getting us closer to that goal and supporting the administration’s priorities of affordable, accessible health care. Not only does the bill help businesses support their employees, but it also allows more Americans to make personalized health care decisions for them and their families. I’m glad to cosponsor this bill with Representative Bishop, and I’m grateful for all his dedicated work on this issue.” – Representative Bruce Westerman 

“Our current health insurance market leaves many Americans with inadequate coverage options - forcing them to choose expensive health insurance plans that do not fit their needs, or forgo coverage altogether. The President’s work to expand the use of health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) will increase health insurance options for hardworking Pennsylvanians and is a necessary step towards restoring choice and competition to our healthcare marketplace. That is why earlier this year, Senator Rubio and I led a group of our colleagues in the House and Senate in sending a letter of support for the finalized HRA rule. Rep. Bishop’s legislation is an important next step to codifying this policy so small businesses, families, and individuals will have permanent access to affordable and portable insurance tailored to fit their unique medical needs." – Representative Lloyd Smucker