If you’ve paid into a federal program your entire life, you should be able to count on that when you retire. Congressman Smucker is working in Washington to protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare for current and future beneficiaries. 


Introduced legislation to relieve seniors of costly Medicare late-enrollment penalties

Congressman Smucker introduced the Seniors Healthcare Choice Act (H.R. 1845) to relieve seniors of a lifetime penalty for seniors who enroll in Medicare past the age of 65. Today, a senior who chooses to maintain their employer-sponsored health care plan through COBRA coverage, instead of Medicare, faces a lifetime late-enrollment penalty on their future Medicare plan. H.R. 1845 would end this lifetime penalty, providing seniors the flexibility to enroll in Medicare at a time that best fits their needs, without the threat of a burdensome and unnecessary financial penalty. Learn more about the bill here.  

Cosponsored and voted for the Protecting Seniors Access to Medicare Act

Congressman Smucker cosponsored and voted in support of legislation to protect all seniors’ access to Medicare coverage regardless of their health conditions. The Affordable Care Act established the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) as a way to reduce Medicare spending. The board is charged with making Medicare cuts without Congressional oversight or input, giving the 15-member board unchecked power over Medicare spending which would directly impact seniors’ access to the care they deserve. Read more about the bill here.

Voted in support of the Right to Try Act

Congressman Smucker voted in support of the Right to Try Act to allow terminally-ill patients who have exhausted all other options to try medications that have passed basic Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety protocols but have not yet completed the full, multiyear approval process. This passed Congress with bipartisan support and was signed into law on May 30, 2018. Read more about the bill here.

Voted in support of H.Res 5

Congressman Smucker voted for H.Res 5 when he first took office which included a provision that prohibits Congress from taking money from the Social Security Trust Fund in order to pay for other government programs. This legislation protects Social Security for current and future recipients.

Eliminating Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

America’s seniors should be able to count on the programs they’ve paid into their entire lives. According to CMS, nearly 10 percent of Medicare spending was spent on improper payments. Prescriber fraud is increasing, but only 7 percent of complaints were investigated. That is why Congressman Smucker is working in Washington to put an end to waste, fraud, and abuse in Social Security and Medicare – ensuring the programs are sustainable for seniors.